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Doctor Who: Prepare the Timelash!!

Jan 29, 2020

We kick off our look at the Sixth Doctor's televised stories with "The Twin Dilemma", in which the newly-regenerated Doctor ... tries to strangle his companion Peri? Oh boy. NOT. GOOD. That being said, there's some good things (Azmael!) and not-so-good (the twins!) for Mike and Ken to talk about. Also, why slug...

Show Notes for Episode 0 - You Were Expecting Someone Else?

Jan 16, 2020

In this episode, Mike referenced a really good Sixth Doctor comic story published in Doctor Who Magazine and written by Paul Cornell, but whiffed on remembering minor details like, oh, the actual story title. The comic was actually co-written by Paul Cornell and John Freeman, drawn by Lee Sullivan, and is titled

Jan 15, 2020

You were expecting someone else? Yes, it's a brand new Doctor Who podcast dedicated to Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor! Join Ken Hart and Mike Ferguson as they explain who they are, why they enjoy this oft-troubled era of the show, and what they hope to accomplish as this podcast gets underway. New full...