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Doctor Who: Prepare the Timelash!!

Show Notes for Episode 5 - The Two Doctors

May 28, 2020

We mentioned a Doctor Who novel called "World Game" by Terrance Dicks, which does a great job of making the case for Season 6B. He also wrote a Sixth Doctor novel called "Players", which features some flashbacks to the Second Doctor and lends support to the events in "World Game". Both are fun reads, and if you're a fervent believer in Season 6B, you'll want to check them out if you can! (At a reasonable price though - they sometimes go for insane second hand prices lately!)

Also, we forgot to mention two things that happened when this show aired. First, a Jim'll Fix It special called "A Fix With Sontarans" aired during the time "The Two Doctors" went on the air, also featuring the same Sontarans in the same bad costumes. (We covered this little oddity in a mini-episode we released earlier this year!) Also, during the airing of "The Two Doctors" came the announcement that Doctor Who 'was to take a break', which came on high from the executives of the BBC ... don't worry, we'll be covering THAT in a few months!

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