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Doctor Who: Prepare the Timelash!!

Sep 28, 2022

It's a new "Prepare the Timelash!!" season, as Mike & Ken begin to cover Doctor Who stories featuring the Guardians of Time and other powerfully cosmic foes! In this first episode of the season, they look at "The Celestial Toymaker", which ... okay, yeah. The behind-the-scenes 'making of' drama for "Toymaker" is probably more interesting than the story itself! Still, besides talking about THAT craziness, Ken & Mike also discuss the story's similarities to a D&D adventure module, Dodo's way too trusting nature, and why they really like the First Doctor, even though he's barely in this one. So, join them as they cover this story from moves 1 to 1,023 - and no more clever tricks, if you please!